14 Perfect Gifts for a Plant Gay You Love

Pocket Gay Bundle
Pocket Gay Bundle - $36.00
If you’ve thought about becoming a Plant Gay for awhile, make 2021 the year you’ll officially take the leap! The Pocket Gay plant bundle is the perfect way to jump start your collection because it gives you 4 small plants that are easy to care for and perfect for a display.
Butt Planter
Butt Planter - $13+
Put your fiddle leaf in a fanny! If you’re wanting to get a little ‘cheeky’ with your plants, this 3D printer planter shaped like a booty is the perfect way to do so.
Houseplant Fertilizer
Organic Houseplant Fertilizer & Plant Food - 3oz Shaker - $14.95
While we might not always eat the best (love me a Taco Bell moment), we have higher expectations for our house plants. They deserve the best, so feed them with Joyful Dirt’s organic houseplant fertilizer and plant food.

Crumble Co
Frootie Loopers Wax Melts - $ 6.95
Owned by queer candlemaker extraordinaire Brandon Love, these wax melts will melt your heart with their delicious scents & witty names. Based in Kansas City, Crumble Co. has garnered a loyal following through their messaging of self care and good mental health.
Grow at Your Own Pace Tee
Grow at Your Own Pace Illustrated Tee - $27.99
Speaking of mental health, remind yourself that your thoughts can have a profound effect on the way that you see the world and yourself. Like a plant, we need time to grow and become our most beautiful selves. Let this shirt serve as a reminder to be patient with yourself and trust in the process.
Plant Squad Tee
PLANT.SQUAD Tee - $24.99
Plant care is a hobby that quickly grows once you see how rewarding it can be. What starts off as just one plant can quickly turn in to a whole squad. Show some love to the Plant Squad with this shirt by Aloe Flora.
Britney Spearmint Soy Candle
Classy Smashed is our sister company & owned by Plant Gay CoFounder John Norman. Their soy candles are made of premium fragrances & witty names. Find scents that are sweet & savory like Bored Housewife, fresh & fruity like Glen Coconut, or a mix of mint & citrus with Britney Spearmint.
Queer Beanie
Queer Beanie - $18.00
Keep your head warm while holding your head high & showing the world you’re proud to be queer! Sold in one of our favorite local Austin, TX shops, The Little Gay Shop, has plenty of products to proudly display your little gay self!
Everybody's a Little Gay
Everybody's A Little Gay Tee - $25.00
Let’s face it: everyone’s a little gay! This queer-owned & Michigan-made shop proclaims “Come out of the closet and put us in it!” and offers plenty of shirts that will make you want to do just that.
The Soy Panda Candle
Garden Stroll 8oz Jar - $15.00
The Soy Panda is a candle company unlike any we’ve ever seen. Each candle is made to look like a cartoon panda (complete with a little tail eeeee!), and comes with an adorable care card. The scents are usually panda or Japanese related, and we squeal reading every scent! TOO CUTE!
Bisexual Flag Earrings
Bisexual Pride Rainbow - $16.99
Jane of All makes pixel-perfect handmade art and accessories in central Texas. For the LGBTQIA+, she has rainbow designs for every member of the family, such as bisexual, asexual, genderqueer, transgender and more! Other designs include fruits, anime, BT21, pacman & more! You can get keychains, earrings, etc.
Jungle Boys Mug
Jungle Boys Mug - $12.50
Obviously are two greatest joys in life are plants and boys. Once we discovered @boyswithplants we had to give them an immediate follow. They’ve designed a ‘Jungle Boys Mug’ that speaks to life’s greatest pleasures.
Over It Mood Bear Sticker
Roboroku is one of the most kawaii things we have ever laid our eyes on. This latina-owned company has tees, stationary, stickers, pins, you name it! Everything they make is adorable, and makes a perfect gift for anyone who likes all things cute.
Cylinder Planter
Cylinder Planter - $32.00
This gift is a must-have for anyone getting a plant or has one that needs a new home to grow in. This cylinder planter is sleek and a classic beauty in matte black, making it the best gift for anyone with classic good taste. It’s 6” in diameter, and will be perfect for any 4” plant that needs a little extra room to grow.

Finally, the best gift you can get someone is you! 😍 You are special & people love you. Don't you ever forget it!

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