About Us

At Plant Gay, our main goal is to spread a little bit of happiness in this world, and do a little bit of good where we can. Owning a houseplant is just a small way we can get in touch with nature, and teach us how to nurture and care for something. It’s an experience we should all try at some point, and that’s why we wanted to provide a space for the LGBTQ community to shop plants, share tips, and learn and grow together. We have partnered with a nursery in California to conveniently deliver plants right to your door, and we donate 10% of our profits to The Trevor Project, an amazing organization that helps LGBTQ youth by offering a completely free service for them to get help when they need it most.

How It Started
Plant Gay is based out of Austin, TX and came from a conversation between two friends. While one of us is a big plant enthusiast, the other is just getting started and hoping to learn more. With our varying experience levels, but same excitement for house plants, we decided to create Plant Gay to help people of all levels care for their plants. Email us at info@plantgay.com if you have any questions!