Flip Hair, Hang an Air: An Air Plant Care Guide

Air Plants : A Care & Maintenance Guide

Air plants are interesting because even though they have roots they don’t need soil to live.

Since they don't need to be in a traditional planter with dirt, you'll often find people hanging them from the ceiling to admire.

Don’t put them in direct sunlight or they’ll get sunburnt (for real). If they’re indoors, put them near a window, but not directly in the window. A few feet away will do. Outside, keep them in a shaded area. 

For watering, you can either swish them around in a bowl of water for 30 seconds one or two times a week, or you can grab a spray bottle and give them a good misting a couple times a week. Make sure they are left in a place with good air circulation to properly dry.

One of the other neat things about this plant is they will make little baby versions of themselves, called 'pups'. You can let them clump together for one big super air plant, or separate them and watch them grow on their own.

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