Getting Lucky with the Succy: A Succulent Care & Maintenance Guide

Succulent A Care & Maintenance Guide

Succulents are the perfect plant for those of us that forget to water fairly often, since they’re made from a unique tissue that stores water for use over time. They're also perfect for being placed in brightly lit situations.

These girls love their fun in the sun, so make sure they’re in a well lit area indoors or in full sun outdoors. Personally, we love putting these in a window sill for cute display.

Since succulents are water hoarders, let them dry out completely between waterings and don’t over water them.

Fertilizing with this plant is seasonal. Do it during its prime growth in the summer, but lay off during the winter.
While they’re known for being resistant to the hot desert sun, they can also handle colder temperatures since the desert can get below 40 degrees at night. Those in the southern U.S. can leave this plant outside nearly year-round.

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