Pothos is an Easy Girl: A Care & Maintenance Guide

Pothos A Car & Maintenance Guide

What do we want? Pothos! How do we want them? Thriving! 

That's the gay agenda.

If you’re looking for a plant that’s both beautiful & low-maintenance, then the pothos is perfect for you.

Beginners and those with a demanding social life can enjoy this plant in their apartments, beach-side condos, or any low-light situation most plants couldn’t handle.

Watering a pothos is simple. Just give it some water when the top inch of soil’s dry (usually every 4-7 days) & allow it to drain between waterings. If you skip watering every so often, don’t worry, she won’t hold it against you (Britney reference). Water when you can & don’t feel bad about it.

Want your pothos to grow quicker? Give it some fertilizer every two weeks. Otherwise, once every few months is fine.

When the roots fill up the pot it’s time to move her to a bigger one. Keep the leaves trimmed and the plant watered to help them keep their leaves and grow.

Do you see how easy a pothos plant is? Love her.

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