Snake Plants are Chill AF: Care & Maintenance Guide

Snake Plant A Care & Maintenance Guide

Here me out: if you’re looking for the easiest of easy plants to take care of
this 👏 is👏it👏.

The snake plant is chill af. If they were a boyfriend they would always let you pick dinner, wouldn’t get jealous of your friends, and act like they love watching House Hunters with you even if they’d rather watch NCIS. They are truly as easy-going as it gets.

They are perfectly fine in almost all lighting situations. The most ideal is birght light, but they do well in low light situations too. Put them pretty much anywhere and they’re happy with it.

Give them plenty of water when you can. If it takes awhile for you to get to it, they should be fine. These hardy plants can go awhile without water. Just don’t forget about them forever!

Fertilize once a month to encourage growth, but they can last without fertilizer for several months.

Snake plants like it tight. 😏 It’ll find new space to sprout even if it looks like it’s growing too big for its pot. Don’t worry about it, they prefer it this way.

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